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stage photo of Clovis Tavares

Clovis Tavares – Lecture Show

Award-winning, internationally-recognized speaker who will transform your organization’s performance through the art of magic and motivation. Whether the topic is sales, marketing, motivation, leadership, team-building, or strategic planning, his unique combination of magic and business life is sure to make an impact and forever transform your audience.

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Entertenimento Corporate

Themed dinners and entertainment

Themed dinners and entertainment with music and variety shows, including artistic performances, fire jugglers, fireworks, prize offerings...

Entertenimento Corporate

Guided Tours to Vineyards

Guided tour to farm with growth and production of wine. Visit to the vineyards and explanation of production methods, wine tasting, traditional cheese and sweets tasting and folklore show.

Crowne Plaza Vilamoura Hotel Inauguration

Cocktail and Dinner Entertainment

Pool Raft Performance

Air Candle Performance

Rui Veloso Concert

Sunrise Cube Performance

Duet of Rui Veloso and the Algarve Orchestra

Fireworks synchronized with the Algarve Orchestra